Beauty Wire

Beauty Wire was born from a simple vision: Take adventure of the nature to reach your slimming and beauty challenges!

It is a reference for a healthy, happy and active lifestyle. Try our products and reduce your fat, belly swelling, cellulite and even the risk of infections.

Natural is better

It is well known that a diet associated with frustration is completely ineffective and quickly abandoned. We have decided to add our 100% natural wellness cure to your diet rebalancing.

Results in numbers

Here is the expected weight loss if you combine our Slim'Tea cure with a balanced diet:

6 up to 11 Pounds (3 to 5kgs) : 14 days

12 up to 23 Pounds (6 to 10 kg) : 28 days

24 up to 35 Pounds (11 to 16 kg) : 45 days

  • The proof is on the results

  • Natural

  • Fast delivery