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Slimming & Detox tea 14 Days Challenge

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Are you looking for loosing weight and don’t gain it again?

In fact, the process is very simple: this tea was carefully designed to expel the fats presents in your body.

The results will appear very soon with this special health boost. If you combine it with a good daily ingestion of water and good feeding habits.

Another advantage of this tea is its appetite suppressant effect.

This tea is perfect to drink hot at the confort of home, but it will be very tasteful as well if you grab it and drink it cold outside.


Do you pretend to have an healthy and beautiful body?

This message goes straight to you! Slimming & Detox tea will expulse everything that your body doesn’t need. Result? Say no to rigorous and stressful diets! This tea will give you a slimmer body and an attractive full appearance. You’ll also feel more vitality in your daily routine.

Say goodbye to non welcomed substances in your body! Get all your vitality back and be yourself 100%! This tea assembles natural ingredients that’ll give you a slim and beautiful shape. 


The extra advantages:

✓ Support metabolism

✓ Boost energy

✓ Reduce Bloating

✓ Burn fat

✓ Detoxifying


This pack is composed of :

1 Slimming & Detox tea box (28 tea bags)

Remarkable results will happen if take 2 cups of Slimming & Detox Tea daily. This option is valable for 14 days.

For more visible results, we have (on products list) the option Slimming & Detox tea Full results pack - 28 Days Challenge. Don't miss it!



Not suitable for pregnant and nursing women.

Not suitable for people suffering from inflammation of the colon, chronic constipation or abdominal pain of unknown origin or due to an obstruction of the digestive tract. This product is contraindicated in persons suffering from significant dehydration, especially if associated with a loss of mineral salts.

Should not be used in persons suffering from cardiac disorders.

Not suitable for people suffering from hyperthyroidism.

If in doubt, seek the advice of your doctor.